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Northwest Region

The Company Behind Accurate and Straightforward Economic Insights

ITR Economics is pleased to provide business owners and thought leaders of the Northwest region of the US with our various economic services.

Is your business located in one of the below states? Contact us today to learn more about how ITR can help you make practical and profitable business decisions.


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ITR Economics Account Executive Mike Kelly


Mike Kelly, Account Executive for the Northwest Region

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Northwest Economic Services

Featured Service: Trends Report™

Economic insights, forecasts, and strategies that give your business the edge. With more than 45 articles every month, ITR Economics' industry-leading forecasting publication includes numerous market reports and covers the complete spectrum of today’s US and world economies. Subscribers increase their competitive advantage, identify growth opportunities and potential risks, and support their own internal forecasting through the action-oriented analyses and forecasts throughout the report.

“The communication with your company has been great, the information is extremely interesting. The level of detail is high as well as the value, thank you!”

- Bob Fine, Vice President of Compressed Gas Solutions

Trends Report
Trends Report

Why Choose ITR Economics?

94.7% Forecast Accuracy

Our overall forecast accuracy since 1985 is 94.7% at one year out.

97% Ask-Back Rate

See our entertaining economists' dynamic presentation style, reliable foresight, and actionable information for yourself!

98% Retention Rate

Creating a better experience, one ITR Economics subscriber at a time.

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Since 1948, we have provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy. ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US. With a knowledge base that spans six decades, we have an uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends as well as best practices ahead of changing market conditions. Our reputation is built on accurate, independent, and objective analysis.