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ITR Economics' Brian & Alan Beaulieu were featured in Bloomberg Businessweek for the prediction made in their book "Prosperity in the Age of Decline."

Prosperity in the Age of Decline, the latest from leading economists, Brian and Alan Beaulieu, has been called “a valuable blueprint for today and tomorrow.” Learn more from the many interviews and articles written about this clear, concise approach to the coming economic troubles by exploring the many media hits this book has garnered.

Brian Beaulieu, co-author of Prosperity in the Age of Decline, recently spoke with Jim Britt and AM 550 WSVA... 

Brian and Alan Beaulieu's latest book Prosperity in the Age of Decline recently received a strong endoresment from Smart Advantage, a premier marketing and management consultancy firm. They recognize the fact that clear economic foresight can create immense competitive advantages for any business owner who heeds the authors' analysis and recommendations.

Alan Beaulieu, co-author of Prosperity in the Age of Decline, recently spoke with Bob Brooks of the Prudent Money radio show...

New ITR European Office — ITR Economics International (, the world’s leading authority in business cycle forecasting, recently opened its European office in Brussels, Belgium. A press conference to announce the opening was held at the Glocal Solutions EU Headquarters on May 31, 2012, attended by members of the European business community and financial press.

ITR Economics: 65 Years of Correct Calls – ITR Economics ( is the leading economic trends forecaster in the United States with a proven 94.7% accuracy rate. With unmatched insights, ITR Economics applies global business cycle research to formulate practical business decisions.

Alan, Brian and the ITR team are on Twitter offering up-to-the minute updates on all issues economic. Check out ITR's economy feed [link to feed page] for a sample or follow ITR on Twitter.

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