Subscription Services

ITR’s monthly subscription products offer timely, affordable guidance for critical decision making.

Insightful forecasts that point to intelligent actions. Precise business cycle analysis can reveal unambiguous signs for your business. ITR Economics is unequalled in the precision of our forecasts, and our monthly reports uncover critical trends with detailed actions you need to take to keep your business profitable.

ITR Trends Report

The ITR Trends Report gives you powerful, monthly insight into the state of the economy. The reports tell you when your company and your markets will cycle from rise to decline or decline to rise, and how to act decisively on this predictive information with verifiable certainty. more...

ITR Advisor

ITR clients have asked for a simple, easy-to-digest overview of the economy from our principal economists. The ITR Advisor is an affordable, 4-page monthly snapshot of critical data with valuable insights and immediate action items. more...