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DataCast Programs

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DataCast™ Programs

4.5 Star Rating

DataCast Essentials™ and DataCast Pro™ subscribers alike find our data-driven approach reliable, useful, and beneficial to their business planning.

Why? These tools remove the emotion from the decision-making process and provide a clear roadmap of what is ahead for your business with regard to normal economic pressures. This roadmap enables you to put your hands on the steering wheel of the company and make the correct  turns at the appropriate time.

It’s all about timing. That’s DataCast – an analysis tool that shows you how your business is timed with the indicators that correlate to your business activity.


9 out of 10


9 out of 10 subscribers say...

DataCast has helped bolster their confidence during the decision-making process.

8 out of 10


8 out of 10 subscribers say...

Their business strategy has improved since subscribing to DataCast.



Which program is best for your company?

DataCast Essentials™ - $80 per month

DataCast Essentials was designed for the entrepreneurial CEO who wants a near-term view of where the business is headed, as well as actionable intelligence – with this forward view in mind, what actions should be considered? 

It’s a quick, easy-to-use online tool.

Subscription includes:

  • Access to Strongest Macroeconomic Indicators – DataCast Essentials will calculate the correlation between your sales history and a given indicator and provide the indicator's estimated lead/lag time to your business. This analysis is applied to more than 30 macroeconomic indicators in order to ensure you find a minimum of seven to use moving forward. Then, when two of those seven indicators change direction, you will know to start planning ahead. When three change direction, prepare the team. When five change, it's time to act. It’s that simple!
  • Automatically Calculate Your Rates-of-Change – The tool not only analyzes your company data against the indicators but also identifies your internal trends. With this robust system, your own data is leveraged to establish a roadmap from which you can plan. Your internal trends give you a near-term view of where the business is headed.
  • Need more? For those who want to dedicate more time to the analysis, the system has data export features, chart export features, internal data trend comparison functionality, and more!


DataCast Pro™ - $4,800 annually

DataCast Pro was designed for the business leader or market analyst who wants a deep dive into market trends driving the business. The tool enables you to find areas of opportunity, spot sectors that could pose a risk to the business, and incorporate its analytical output into your own internal forecasting processes. 

It’s a robust, intuitive, online tool that will give you a greater understanding of the economic trends driving your business and help you identify where your company is headed.

Subscription includes:

  • All the same inclusions as DataCast Essentials
  • Access to ITR Economics’ entire database of non-proprietary indicators (approximately 10,000 datasets and growing!)
  • 1-Hour consultation with an ITR Economics expert analyst
  • A full year’s subscription to our Trends Report subscription ($1,200/year value)


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Request a Demo
DataCast Essentials™ | ITR Economics
DataCast Essentials™ | ITR Economics
DataCast Pro™ | ITR Economics
DataCast Pro™ | ITR Economics
Subscriber Testimonials

“I value the data-supported look into the future. It helps us reduce the emotional inputs to our business decisions.”

Subscriber Testimonials

“I greatly appreciate the perspective ITR has… on business strategy and decision-making. ITR Management Objectives are one of the greatest tools I’ve gained throughout my career.”

Subscriber Testimonials

“Looking at lots of leading indicators that tie to our various industries that influence our business is what I most value when working with ITR. Since we are not tied to one industry, understanding where a plurality of industries are currently and headed helps us know where to invest time and effort.”

Subscriber Testimonials

“ITR provides accurate forecasts that significantly impact our business planning processes.” 

Subscriber Testimonials

“ITR adds value to our internal projections.” 


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Since 1948, we have provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy. ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US. With a knowledge base that spans six decades, we have an uncommon understanding of long-term economic trends as well as best practices ahead of changing market conditions. Our reputation is built on accurate, independent, and objective analysis.